Marta Grzesiuk
It is my firm belief that a human being is not able to feel her true freedom without having a strong sense of following whatever the right path of life for her means. We are born on the crossroads into a burden of choices, into a process of infinite self-discovery. Finding one’s way in this is not easy at the beginning, albeit we get better at it.
On this journey, I found myself studying Aircraft at the Technical University of Warsaw, captivated by the mathematical freedom that signified flying. Yet, I felt that my emotions were still confined. Wonder, joy, doubt, curiosity were trapped without finding their proper means of expressions. This very thought made me reconsider my path as I found the refuge in the distant travels.
All it took, I realized, to express myself in the way unknown to me before was to start drawing, seeking the inspiration within myself. True emotional freedom came with crayons and paper – nothing more than I needed as I child.
To master this way of expression has quickly become my motivation to study computer graphics in the New Media Art on Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (Licentiate degree) and WIT University of Information Technology and Management under the auspices of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Master of Arts). 
Now I am finding my path in life doing freelancing. I specialize in design and animation.
This is where I found my meaning.